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Beautiful spacious apartment with lots of room to stretch. Texas sized patio great for enjoying the outdoors. The San Joaquin is 696 SQ FT in Phase I and 776 SQ FT in Phases II and III.

Phase I $1015
Phase II $1055
Phase III $1200

San Joaquin Floor Plan (2).png


The Cape is 733 SQ FT is open and airy with plenty of natural light. Large inviting patio, dedicated laundry room and oversized living room for gatherings.

Phase I $1035
Phase III $1175

The Cape Floor Plan.png


The Corsac is a great option if you are working from home and need a dedicated work space! This spacious 2 bedroom 1 bath is 892 SQ FT in Phase I and 942 SQ FT in Phases II and III.

Phase I Unavailable
Phase II Unavailable
Phase III $1430

The Corsac Floor Plan.png


The Blanford is a 2 bedroom 2 bath covering 1011 SQ FT. Feel cozy and comfortable in the open floor plan area of the kitchen, dining and living room for gatherings and family time.

Phase I $1325
Phase III $1575

Blanford Floor Plan.png
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